Jezara Skin Whitening Cream with Trial Pack for All Type Skins

13 customer reviews
  • Price: Rs. 599
  • Weight: 25 gm
  • Extra Trail Pack: 5 gm
  • UV Protection Day Cream:  15 gm
  • Cream Colour: Light Orange
  • Category: Skincare

Skin Whitening Cream


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Benefits of the Jezara Skin Whitening Cream

Jezara skin whitening cream is a one-stop solution to get a naturally glowing skin easily. It helps in reducing acne, pimples, dark spots, tan, sunburn, pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. This cream for whitening skin penetrates through your skin and works on each layer for the best results. The Jezara’s best cream helps in skin tightening, moisturizing, and giving you a glowing skin along with protecting it from skin allergies and rashes. Whether you are looking for skin whitening cream for men, & women, or whitening cream for oily skin, this product is all you need.

Key Ingredients

  1. Shea butter,
  2. Vitamin C,
  3. Vitamin B3,
  4. Arbutin,
  5. Licorice,
  6. Essential oil,
  7. Vitamin E,
  8. Whitening powder,
  9. Manjistha,
  10. Cream base.

Direction for Use

Spot test to check whether the cream suits your skin. Wash away if the application causes you any kind of allergies. Consult your doctor for further usage of the cream on your skin.

  1. Use the skin whitening cream at least twice every day.
  2. Take a small portion of the cream on your fingertip.
  3. Use your finger to evenly spread the cream over your face.
  4. Use a sunscreen/day cream every day for the best results.
  5. You’ll see visible results of using the product within 3-5 days.

Our UV Protection Day Cream Provides Multiple Benefits:

  1. Shields from harmful UV rays
  2. Prevents tanning and promotes even skin tone
  3. Reduces fine lines and premature ageing
  4. With regular use, it restores the natural glow of the skin


Product Description

  • 100% non-toxic ingredients are used in the preparation of Jezara cream.
  • The absolute skin-friendly skin cream is not tested on any animals.
  • Get a free trial pack to check whether you like the product.
  • The product has a longer shelf life.

Additionally, you can enjoy our 10-day money-back challenge for the trial pack, where you are free to return the product even after you open the trial packing. However, make sure that you have not damaged the product packaging wherein you won’t be eligible for returning the product as well as getting the refund amount.

13 reviews for Jezara Skin Whitening Cream with Trial Pack for All Type Skins

  1. Nomaan Patel

    I personally use it as long time. My skin is better than before. Thank you jezara.

  2. romil dhaduk

    this cream was really really good for best healthy skin thank you so much jezara.

  3. Rekha parmar

    1st time I brought this product and just try with my skin but I can’t believe it’s perfect working on my skin. Superb skin whitening cream jezara.

  4. jinkal vachhani

    Awesome😘…..i liked it….it suits me a lot…i got the same product which i ordered….but also i got the best one….thanq ….jezara

  5. Vaishali Pandya

    Very perfect product for my skin. I am using it last 2 years. Thanks jezara 👍

  6. Akash koladiya

    Great products for skin and brightness.

  7. Roshani Acharya

    worth it,
    I get excellent results on my skin.

  8. Navya Solanki

    I’m very impressed.
    My black spots started to become white. It’s giving me an even skin
    tone. The smell is also great.. I’ve been using this product for the past 4-5 days and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin.

  9. Sana Ray

    The cream is one of the best I’ve gotten for myself I use it every day and will continue to buy it

  10. Ridhi Desai

    Based on my experience with the product, I recommend it highly. I have
    used this with a pure vitamin-C face wash it’s too good. The redness and oiliness on
    my skin have reduced significantly.

  11. Vikki Sutariya

    Best quality

  12. Aashaben vastrapra

    It is very good product and now Indian fast is skin products and skin cream and face wash use thenku so mach

  13. Krishna Rakholiya

    Good product
    Thnx jezara

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